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Disclaimer and waiver of claims

I understand that the information in handouts and presented during the course / tutorial / seminar is for educational purposes. I acknowledge that it is not intended that I rely on any of the information provided at the course / tutorial / seminar without specifically taking the direct advice of Boost Sales in relation to my particular affairs.

I acknowledge that Boost Sales shall not be liable for any loss or damage which I may incur as a result of any action or investment I may take in the future following or as a result of the course / tutorial / seminar material. All course / tutorial / seminar content, examples, information shall not be construed as any recommendation, solicitation, prediction or advice for my own actions in and dealing with online marketing, as this seminar is strictly educational. I hereby release Boost Sales from all such claims and demands, which I may otherwise have made.

The names of any software and/or web based tools, whether they require payment or are available free of charge mentioned in this seminar are for illustrative purposes only. The decision on which software and tools to use if any is at the total discretion of each individual person.

I understand that the material taught by Boost Sales is educational in nature. The intent of the course / tutorial / seminar is to educate participants about online marketing, promotion and branding and associated activities.


I acknowledge that all content, workbooks, materials and systems taught in this lecture whether written or verbal are the property of and the copyright material of Boost Sales.

I will not copy, make available or divulge to any unauthorised party any of the materials, notes, systems or teachings of this lecture/workshop, whether for financial gain or not. By reading this document, I acknowledge that should I allow any of these materials to be made available to any unauthorised party, and that if I were to do so, then I will be liable to consequential legal action.

No photocopy, audio, video, photographic recordings of Boost Sales educational classes or any of the copyrighted materials provided are allowed without the written consent of Boost Sales.

I consent to my presence in any audio, video or photographic recordings officially arranged by Boost Sales. I waive any rights, claims or interest in the reproduction, distribution and exposure of any and all aforementioned recordings owned and possessed exclusively by Boost Sales.

I consent to Boost Sales using any testimonial that I may give in their business as they see fit.

If you have come through a third party promoter you have agreed your data can be shared with them.


I confirm that I am attending as a bona fide participant with a genuine interest in receiving the educational information to be provided by Boost Sales. I shall not use any information obtained from Boost Sales today other than bona fide for my education in the business of online marketing.

I shall not advertise or promote any business or any other activity at the event, including either before or subsequent to the event. I consent to any leaflets or other material being confiscated by Boost Sales and being destroyed.

I will not, for a period of 2 years following today, directly or indirectly, solicit or attempt to solicit work or seek to employ any servant or agent of Boost Sales who I may meet today (or as a result of today’s event) in any business activity in competition with the business of Boost Sales.

During attendance of the course / tutorial / seminar, the attendee shall not without the prior written consent of Boost Sales:

Solicit the custom of, canvass, approach or deal with, in competition with Boost Sales, any person (including any company, firm, organisation or other entity) with whom Boost Sales deals or with whom Boost Sales are in negotiations or discussions regarding the possible supply of services; or discourage any such person from conducting or continuing business with Boost Sales on the best terms available to Boost Sales; or induce or attempt to induce any director or contractor of Boost Sales and with whom the attendee has material dealings during the course; or take any steps which impair or might reasonably be thought by Boost Sales, to impair the attendee’s ability to act at all times in the best interests of Boost Sales.

Well Being

You and you alone are responsible for your choice to participate in our training and for your own health and well-being at all times. By attending our training you agree that you do not have any medical, physical or mental health conditions that may affect your participation.

The law of South Africa shall apply to this agreement.

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